Gospel Growth at One Harbor Church | FAQ’s
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Answers to questions you may have as you begin this journey.

Why would someone participate?

Jesus calls His followers to make disciples, so we want to be obedient disciples of Jesus making disciples of Jesus, who go on to make more disciples of Jesus. This lifestyle requires intentionality and committed relationships.


What is the goal of this?

To gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel, the Church, how to grow and live as a Christian, and what it means to be on mission for Jesus. We want to mature not only for our good, but to help others grow in their relationship with God, too. As we more fully surrender our lives to God and live His way, we believe it will change lives for the better and bring God glory. Our hope is that God will use these relationships to multiply disciples and strengthen His Church.


What will be expected of me?

This may vary depending on the group, but at a minimum, watch the teaching videos beforehand and answer the questions within your Gospel Growth binder. Be on time and attend your group meetings. Participate in the discussions. Pray for each other and others in your life. Do your best to invest in the others and bring out their best. Let’s build each other up!


How much time should I plan to invest in this?

At a minimum, 45-60 minutes to prepare and an hour or so to meet with your group.




What will lead to the best results?

You’ll get out of this what you put in. Focus on putting what you learn into practice. How we respond to the grace of God matters. We encourage you to practice daily personal worship including Community Bible Reading (CBR) and prayer.


Can I invite others?

Absolutely! Discuss this first with your group leader to clarify timing. We want to be wise and not move too quickly.